The emblem symbolizes the scholastic ideology, corroboration of noble vision : the dream and realization. It envisages the promise to fulfill the noble expectations of the innocent woodlanders. The Sanskrit text at the apex "Satyam Eba Jayatee" which means truth is always victorious is an upanishadic extract which reverberates the purgatory voice of our indelible culture; the Meghasan ensconced at the center of the logo is an embodiment of Divine stimulation that injects the sprit of Green-Revolution among us. The cloudy tableaux of the mountain is presumptuously an emblem of spiritual gratification. The purgative purling of an artificial brook that washes the feet of our college, the alluring natural green fertile bushy lands suggest the theory of self dependency, an espial to the brimming beauty is an impromptu glee. The dancing posture of the peacock at the sight of impregnate clouds on the right hand side of the emblem is an indivative of historical authenticity. This is perhaps the reason the land Bhanjabhumi overflowed with natural beauty is an indicative of geographical existence of Mayurbhanj. The ever gleaming lustrous wick in the lamp that overpowers the darkness of ignorance and superstition from every nook and cranny of the society and inculcates the noctiucent sermon of reformation, well-wish, truthfulness and enlightment is clearly suggestive. The open book at the bottom of the Crest remigrates our membrane Maa Swaraswati the goddess of speech and knowledge. Our college the sanctorum of Higher Education invokes Her solemnly to reside in the core of an innumerable studentry, teacher & intellectual mass. We implore Thy to brighten the society through the briskly halo of devotional reverence.





Nudadiha, Udala, Mayurbhanj
Odisha, 757077, India
Email Id :meghasancollege87@gmail.com
Contact : 06795-234007

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