Seat will be allotted to a boarder by the Superintendent of the hostel as per rule.

The Superintendent may permit a student to live in the hostel temporarily for not more than 48 hours. Temporary residence for a longer period will require the sanction of the Principal

  Non boarder shall leave the hostel unless he obtains the permission of the Principal. An application for the purpose shall be made through the superintendent of the hostel who will ascertain that dues to the hostel have been paid and that no damage to the hostel properties has been done by the boarders before forwarding the application with a clearance certificate. In case of a minor the application shall be made by the parent or guardian. If a boarder wishes to return to the hostel after the summer vacation he must inform the superintendent in writing before he leaves the hostel at the time of vacation. Ordinarily no one who fails to secure a good conduct certificate from the superintendent will be remitted. Renewal of boarder-ship is a must on payment of hostel dues.

On admission to the hostel each boarder will be required to pay a non refundable amount of Rs. 15/- as caution money.

All charges shall be paid for the whole term in which the boarder takes admission in the hostel. The terms begin from June to August, September to November, December to February and March to May. Boarders should pay their monthly dues by 15th of month, at the failure of which necessary action will be taken against the boarder.

(a) The hostel remains closed during the puja and summer vacation. Boarders wishing to remain in the hostel during the puja vacation must obtain the special permission to do so.

(b) The Superintendent should submit to the Principal a report on repairing work to be undertaken during the summer vacation and day prior to the commencement there on.

Wooden cots and cooking utensils will be supplied by the hostel, boarders will be responsible for the furniture supplied to them and will be required to make good any willful damage.

The superintendent is required to conduct an annual check of the stock of hostel furniture and other articles and report to that effect have to be submitted to the Principal one day prior to the commencement of the summer vacation.

Electric bulb will be supplied to every hostel according to the requirement only once in a year at the beginning of each academic session. Replacement of used or damaged bulbs in room and common place will be the responsibility of boarders. The boarder of a room should deposit the electric bulbs with superintendent when they leave the hostel before vacation failing which the cost of bulb will be deducted from their hostel caution money.

The internal management of the hostel will rest the superintendent. The roll call will be taken at least once daily at a time specified by the superintendent.

There will be fixed hour both in the morning and the evening for study and meals. No boarder shall ordinarily be allowed to leave his/her room during study hour.

No boarders shall be absent from the hostel after 11 p.m. when the light will be put off.

The superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline in the hostel. He has power to punish boarders for breach of discipline. All cases of gross misconduct must be reported to the principal. The following will be considered breath of the discipline.
     - Absence from the hostel without leave.
     - Continued negligence in study.
     - Want of cleanliness and tidiness in the room
     - Disturbing the study atmosphere of the hostel by noisy behavior.
     - Frequent absence during the night roll call.
     - Writing on or in any other way disfiguring the walls windows and door of the building

Misconduct of any other description.
The superintendent will maintain a conduct register in which the names of boarders will be entered in case of serious misconduct. Gross misconduct on the part of a student shall render him liable to have his name entered in the conduct register of the college.

If a boarder absents himself from the hostel between night call and 6 a.m. he must give satisfactory reason for such absence. If he fails to do so, he well be liable to expulsion from the hostel.

A student may be removed from the hostel on the report of the superintendent for habitual or gross misconduct.

Absence on leave will require the sanction of the superintendent. Boarders are not permitted to take any direct action against any cook or servant. All complaints should he brought to the notice of the superintendent.

No outsider will enter the hostel without the permission from the hostel superintendent. Only he may meet the boarders in the visiting hour of the hostel.





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